Daylesford residents can’t go wrong with stainless steel tanks

Posted on February 28, 2019 in News & Projects

For people in Daylesford stainless steel tanks are a quality solution when it comes to protecting the water supply of homes and businesses.

Our top-of-the-line Grade 316 stainles steel tanks are one of the most reliable models on the market, due to their unparalleled protection against corrosion. They’re the choice of marine businesses that have to cope with salty conditions, so they’re definitely up to the task in Victoria’s beautiful spa country.

While our Grade 304 tanks are an excellent product in their own right, our Grade 316 stainless steel tanks in Daylesford take the level of corrosion protection one step higher. It’s all about protecting the tank from corrosion, and the water from contamination.

This superior protection is due to the addition of two to three per cent molybdenum in the stainless steel, making it strongly resistant to chlorides. It’s also non-reactive to other industrial chemicals.

Because these tanks are so tough, you can also enjoy welcome savings when it comes to shelf life and repairs. The fact the tanks are 100 per cent recyclable is another bonus.

The spa country in and around Daylesford is a stunning place to settle. With many people lured to a life in the Great Dividing Range foothills in Victoria, it’s not surprising that they look for safe and cost-effective ways to store water. After all, rain is free water so it makes sense to harness this liquid asset for use in homes, businesses and gardens. If you’re connected to mains supply, rainwater tanks are a great way to reduce your water bill.

If you are on the hunt for a great water storage tank, then it’s time to talk to our expert team at Stainless Steel Tanks. We can help you find the perfect tank, factoring in the best size for the space available as well as the most appropriate design.

While selecting a tank can take time, don’t put off the task any longer. Stainless steel tanks in Daylesford are a great choice for home and business owners, so contact us for more information on our great range of products.