Environmentally-friendly stainless steel rainwater tanks delivering quality drinking water

Posted on July 31, 2019 in News & Projects

Everyone wants their drinking water to be clean, fresh and healthy.

So when it comes to rainwater tanks for your home or business, stainless steel rainwater tanks offer a quality water storage solution that is also friendly to the environment.

Stainless Steel Tanks’ grades 304 and 316 tanks are ideal for any environment. From inland towns and farms to urban coastal settlements, they will deliver fresh, uncontaminated water over many years.

These tanks will stand strong against harsh sun, wind and wild weather. They also enjoy advanced protection against corrosion, thanks to having a healthy dose of nickel and chromium in their mix. But the Grade 316 tanks take it a step further in their battle against rust, with molybdenum lifting the protection level even higher. That makes them perfect for fresh water storage for homes and businesses near the sea.

Clean storage solution

If you run a home or a business, it’s important to have clean drinking water on tap at all times.  You want your family or workforce to stay healthy and focused. Keeping them well hydrated is an important part of the process.

Our stainless steel rainwater tanks make this process easy. With a wide range of storage sizes, you can be confident all stored water remains uncontaminated year-round.

While these tanks rank highly when it comes to anti-corrosion properties, they are a strong environmental choice too. And that’s because they’re 100 per cent recyclable. Even after storing water for 60-plus years, the stainless steel material is still reusable. Their environmental impact over their long lifespan is arguably the smallest when compared with tanks of other materials including plastic.

Our stainless steel rainwater tanks are the perfect choice for everyone, from small homes to large industrial businesses. We are sure to have a size that suits your water-storage needs.

If you would like to know more about our quality rainwater tanks, please contact Stainless Steel Tanks today.