Grade 316 stainless steel water tanks

Posted on January 18, 2020 in News & Projects

Top performers for coastal conditions

When coastal residents weigh up water storage options, it’s no wonder that many set their sights on Grade 316 stainless steel water tanks.

And their excellent anti-corrosion properties are an important selling point.

It stands to reason that when you live near the sea, sea spray rich in chlorides is highly corrosive to many surfaces. Rusting occurs, material breaks down and water can become contaminated.

But Grade 316 stainless steel stands strong in coastal conditions. While stainless steel possesses quality anti rust and corrosion properties, the addition of molybdenum takes this protection to another level. The two to three per cent molybdenum provides superior protection against corrosion, making it the number one choice for water storage on the coast or in marine environments.

At Stainless Steel Tanks, we know how important it is for tank water to remain clean. For households and many businesses it’s imperative the water is untouched by contamination. Our Grade 316 stainless steel water tanks make that achievable.

With our friendly and knowledgeable staff in your corner, we’ll make the process of selecting and installing a tank easy. Our team will come out and install the tank for you. We’ll also take time to walk you through the proper maintenance needed to keep your tank in top working condition for longer.

So think Grade 316 stainless steel water tanks when you’re making a water storage selection on the coast. Then give us a call.

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