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Gippsland stainless steel water tanks

The benefits of rural water tanks for your remote property

Posted on February 19, 2021 in News & Projects

When it comes to living comfortably and sustainably on a remote property, it is important to have a rural water tank that you can rely on. Stainless Steel Tanks provide such products that are high-quality and designed to thrive in rural and agricultural environments. But what are the benefits of having a stainless steel water...

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Stainless steel tanks for Geelong residents

Embrace sustainability with stainless steel tanks in Geelong

Posted on January 8, 2021 in News & Projects

By installing stainless steel tanks Geelong residents are taking an important step towards a more sustainable lifestyle. These tanks, which are Aussie icons, tick plenty of boxes on the sustainability check list. And it’s no wonder they remain a popular water-storing choice across the region and the nation. So what makes them so good on...

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Stainless steel water tank installation

Quality water tank installation enhances tank lifespan

Posted on November 28, 2020 in News & Projects

If you want your stainless steel tank to stand the test of time, using an experienced team for water tank installation is the way to go. At Stainless Steel Tanks, we know a quality base is key to ensuring your tank will have a long, productive life. That’s why we urge our clients to get...

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Water tank fittings

What are water tank fittings and why are they important?

Posted on October 28, 2020 in News & Projects

When you install a water tank, it’s important to know that quality water tank fittings are essential to its success. The correct fittings and accessories play an important role in keeping your stored water clean. They also help provide you with efficient access to that liquid supply when you want it. At Stainless Steel Tanks,...

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Industrial Water Tanks - Stainless Steel Tanks

Quality Industrial Water Tanks for Australians

Posted on September 2, 2020 in News & Projects

For over 10 years, Stainless Steel Tanks based in Victoria Australia have served the industrial sector by offering high quality water tanks that are built to not only last but thrive in the unpredictable Australian climate. When it comes to selecting a water tank for your industrial project, stainless steel is your best choice due...

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Stainless steel rainwater tanks

The advantages of stainless steel tanks

Posted on July 15, 2020 in News & Projects

The team at Stainless Steel Tanks are passionate about providing our customers with the best water storage solutions money can buy. We advocate for stainless steel tanks because we have experienced the numerous benefits that they have for both residential and commercial use. Some of the benefits of using stainless steel water tanks over other...

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Gippsland stainless steel water tanks

Why sustainable water tanks are growing in popularity

Posted on June 19, 2020 in News & Projects

The Stainless Steel Tanks team install and supply sustainable water tanks throughout Victorian and beyond. We’re big believers in the benefits of stainless steel tanks and a sustainable lifestyle. Here are three reasons to consider a sustainable stainless steel water tank for your property: Having your own water supply can ensure you don’t have added...

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Industrial Water Tanks - Stainless Steel Tanks

3 Benefits of sustainable water tanks

Posted on May 15, 2020 in News & Projects

Stainless Steel Tanks are passionate about providing our clients with sustainable water tanks that offer an environmentally-friendly option for people wanting to either live off the grid or simply become more sustainable. Having your own water supply can ensure you don’t have added stress and pressure during times of drought and water supply uncertainty. This...

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