From stainless steel water storage for commercial, rural, and agricultural needs to drinking water for homes in Geelong, across Victoria, New South Wales, and South Australia, Stainless Steel Tanks has the water tank to suit your needs. With more than 10 years of experience in the industry, we help you choose, install and maintain your water tank.

Stainless steel water storage

Stainless steel water tanks are a popular choice for commercial, industrial and residential water storage due to their durability under tough environmental conditions. No matter where your water tank is – whether it’s under the ground or on a farm, exposed to sunshine, wind and rain – Stainless Steel Tanks products are custom-designed and built to last the test of time.

Stainless Steel Tanks works with builders, homeowners, plumbers, farmers, architects and engineers to deliver custom stainless steel water storage solutions for household supply, fire storage, stock watering and irrigation.

Whether you’re looking for a Grade 304 stainless steel water tank for your home, or a corrosion-resistant 316 stainless steel water tank for your marine business, we deliver and install water tanks direct to your property.

Our high quality rainwater tanks are the perfect option for commercial and residential properties across Australia.

Grade 316 stainless steel water tanks Geelong

Our stainless steel water tanks ensure water remains uncontaminated and easily accessible for drinking or other uses. Available with a variety of rainwater tank fittings and accessories, other features of our stainless steel tanks include:

  • resistance to fire, rust and corrosion
  • 100 per cent recyclable
  • available in capacities ranging between 400 and 34, 000 litres
  • 30 year warranty
  • up to 100 years service life.

Sustainable steel water tanks for off-grid living

Many people seeking to live a more sustainable, off-grid lifestyle choose stainless steel water tanks. Not only are do our tanks provide our customers with a consistent supply of uncontaminated water, both our grades of stainless steel tanks are also anti-corrosive, meaning they will serve their purpose for many years to come.

Our tanks are a more sustainable choice than plastic tanks, as they are made from completely natural materials, are fully recyclable, and are not made up of harmful chemicals that could potentially contaminate your water supply.

The team at Stainless Steel Tanks can deliver the tank you need to your property and set it up, giving you some useful maintenance tips along the way. We also attend a few sustainable living festivals throughout the year so keep your eyes peeled for one near you, we can explain to you more about how a sustainable stainless steel water tank could assist you in achieving an off-grid lifestyle.

Please contact us for more information, including advice about the right base preparation for stainless steel water tanks.

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