Selecting the best stainless steel water tank fittings is an important part of the installation process. No matter whether you have a small rain water tank at your home or a commercial-grade tank for your industrial facility, our experts can help you choose the tank fitting you need.

Ensure safe water storage and efficient water supply with Stainless Steel Tanks’ range of rain water tank fittings and accessories, suitable for both our grade 304 stainless steel water tanks and 316 stainless steel water tanks.

Standard water tank installation includes a 400mm inlet strainer, 90mm overflow and 25mm outlet fitting. We also supply stainless steel tanks and fittings compliant with the Country Fire Authority (CFA) Bushfire Management Overlay requirements.

Please take a look at the fittings available below and contact us for more information.


  • 25mm and 50mm nylon

Overflows & overflow screens

  • 50mm, 90mm and 150mm overflows
  • 50mm and 90mm overflow screens

Inlet strainers

  • 200mm, 400mm and 500mm

Dust covers

  • 300mm, 400mm and 500mm

Brass garden tap fittings

  • ½” garden tap fitting

Storz fire-fighting fittings & caps

  • 50mm and 65mm

Fire-fighting outlet base plates

  • 65mm zinc base plate

CFA fire-fighting connection

  • 50mm and 65mm three-thread connection

Ball valves

  • 25mm, 50mm and 65mm nickel-plated brass

Grade 316 stainless steel outlet plate

  • 25mm, 50mm and 65mm

Stainless steel vortex plate

  • 65mm

Standard vortex plate

  • 50mm and 65mm

Stainless steel ball valve

  • 25mm, 50mm and 65mm

Mozzie stopper

  • 90mm

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