Selecting the best stainless steel water tank fittings is an important part of the installation process. No matter whether you have a small rain water tank at your home or a commercial-grade tank for your industrial facility, our experts can help you choose the tank fitting you need.

Ensure safe water storage and efficient water supply with Stainless Steel Tanks’ range of rain water tank fittings and accessories, suitable for both our grade 304 stainless steel water tanks and 316 stainless steel water tanks.

Please take a look at the fittings available below and contact us for more information.


All tanks will be fitted with following standard inclusions unless otherwise specified:

·         25mm Outlet

·         25mm Ball Valve

·         Inlet/Leaf Strainer

·         90mm Overflow

All prices are inclusive of GST

High-Flow Leaf Strainer (Standard Inclusion)
Leaf strainers are installed in the roof of your tank (approx. 70mm from the edge) to allow for rainwater harvesting via downpipe systems.

They are designed to keeps leaves, animals and insects out of your water tank.

The mesh is made from mosquito proof 316 grade stainless steel and is approved for contact with drinking water.

400mm (tanks under 10,000 litres) $10.00
500mm (tanks over 10,000 litres) $15.00
Tank Screen Cover
Tank screen covers/Dust Covers prevent light entry into the tank and helps to keep debris off the tank screen. Light will stimulate the growth of algae in stored water and therefore it is necessary to exclude as much light as possible from the interior of the tank to minimise algae growth. The tank screen/dust covers include two pipe inlet cut holes and predefined screw holes to give you the option of securing it to your inlet strainer.
To suit 400mm Inlet Strainer $15.00
To suit 500mm Inlet Strainer $20.00
Zinc Alloy
Outlets are used to create an access point out of your water tank.
This is where you can connect a ball valve or direct water into your pressure pump, filter, or another water tank.
Tank outlets can also be used for filling your water tank when you aren’t using a downpipe system.
25mm (1”) (Standard Inclusion on Aquaplate Tanks) $30.00
50mm (2”) $50.00
Stainless Steel
25mm (1”) (Standard Inclusion on Stainless Steel Tanks) $50.00
50mm (2”) $70.00
65mm (2.5”) (Included with all CFA Kits) $150.00
Includes female thread incorporated into the flange end of the body making them ideal for ball float set ups.  


25mm (1”) $20.00
50mm (2”) $30.00
Moulded Corrugated Overflow
Overflows are a PVC pipe that extends from the tank to ensure that it will not become over-pressurised due to over filling. Having an overflow on your tank also allows the water to be diverted to another location such as storm water, another tank, or your garden.
90mm (Standard Inclusion) $10.00
100mm $15.00
150mm $35.00
Mozzie Stoppa Hinged Screen
Designed to improve water quality and allow your tank water to breathe by keeping mosquitos and other pests out of your tank.

Easily maintained, spring loaded, mosquito-proof screen.

90mm $15.00
Mozzie Stoppa Removeable Screen
Easily maintained, Mosquito-proof screen.  

Screens can become blocked over time, which will restrict your overflow’s performance. The removable cartridge allows this screen to be removed within seconds, and then washed or brushed clean to keep your system flowing at its best.

90mm $20.00
100mm $25.00
150mm $45.00
Nickel-Plated Brass
Spherical shutoff (ball) to regulate water flow such as isolation and stop-start applications. Female BSP threaded end connections. Open and close using lever handle attached to the valve.
25mm (1”) (Standard Inclusion on Aquaplate Tanks) $25.00
50mm (2”) $70.00
65mm (2.5”) (Included with CFA Kits on Aquaplate Tanks) $150.00
Stainless Steel
304 Grade 316 Grade
25mm (1”) (Standard Inclusion on Stainless Steel Tanks) $25.00 $30.00
50mm (2”) $85.00 $105.00
65mm (2.5”) (Included with CFA Kits on Stainless Steel Tanks) $160.00 $170.00
Ball float valves are designed to open and close water flow maintaining a set water level in your tank and prevent backflow. 
25mm (1”) $120.00
50mm (2”) $350.00
Fire Hose Adaptor
This fitting is compatible with Victorian CFA fire trucks and allows them to connect to water tanks quickly and safely.

It is essential for all tanks holding a reserve of water for the CFA to access or for any tanks that have a requirement to meet a specified BAL rating are equipped with this type of outlet. The set up comprises of a 65mm Outlet, a 65mm Ball Valve and a 65mm 3 Thread Coupling to suit CFA specifications.

65mm (2.5”) $400.00