Stainless steel tanks are versatile performers

Posted on October 31, 2018 in News & Projects

When people talk about stainless steel tanks, they immediately think of water storage.

And that’s understandable. These trusty tanks are proven performers when it comes to safe storage of water.

Drive around Australia and you’ll see them on residential, commercial and industrial premises on the coast and inland right across our great nation. And that’s because they’re tough, durable and ensure the water they hold remains uncontaminated.

Then there’s the added bonus of being 100 per cent recyclable. Put all that together and it’s no wonder people continue to choose stainless steel tanks as their tank of choice.

While these tanks tick all the boxes when it comes to safe storage of water, people are now using their services for a whole host of other applications. From the humble garden bed to the lucrative wine and whisky industry, stainless steel tanks are making their mark.

Low forms of these tanks, which can last for up to 100 years, are now taking pride of place in gardens in homes, schools and other facilities. It’s a case of add soil, seeds and seedlings, then water and watch your raised garden bed of vegetables, fruit or flowers come to life. It’s a novel use for Australia’s trusty steel workhorses and puts the planting, nurturing and harvesting activities at the perfect height for people to work comfortably.

From a quick garden transformation to the high-end world of wine and whisky, stainless steel shows its versatility. While stainless steel tanks are a common sight in a range of applications in the wine industry and beer brew houses – think fermenting tanks and storage bins – they are also beginning to make their mark in whisky production.

When you think of whisky and bourbon being aged, the image of oak barrels jumps immediately to mind. But some distilleries in the US are fast-tracking the ageing process by swapping oak for high-pressure tanks of stainless steel. Reports show they’re carefully mixing the alcohol with wood combinations in these tanks, and managing to come up with the flavours they’re after within weeks, not years.

While it might have some traditionalists shuddering in their shoes, extensive chemical analysis by experts on one US distillery’s fast-tracked product found it compared favourably with its traditionally-made counterpart.

At Stainless Steel Tanks, we’re proud to produce long-lasting tanks for our clients. And we’re not surprised that stainless steel is proving a winning material across a range of industries.

If you would like more information about our wide range of tanks and their potential applications, please don’t hesitate to contact us today.