What are water tank fittings and why are they important?

Posted on October 28, 2020 in News & Projects

When you install a water tank, it’s important to know that quality water tank fittings are essential to its success.

The correct fittings and accessories play an important role in keeping your stored water clean. They also help provide you with efficient access to that liquid supply when you want it.

At Stainless Steel Tanks, we set the bar high when it comes to tank installation. We supply customers with great stainless steel tanks, and that extends to the accessories we use and stock.

You might have a rainwater tank for home use, a commercial grade tank for your business or stored supply for firefighting purposes. Well, we can help add quality fittings to your tank that won’t let you down.

So what actually are water tank fittings? Put simply, fittings refer to inlets and outlets secured to your tank. They are where the rain flows into the top of the tank so it can fill, and out at the bottom where it connects to a tap for use. An overflow at the tank’s top ensures excess water can easily and safely drain away.

Water tank fittings give you control

Tank fittings give you control over this valuable liquid resource, allowing you to use it efficiently for a range of purposes including gardening, business and domestic uses. Tank fittings can also play a key role in allowing fire fighting services to tap into your supply in an emergency.

There is a wide range of fittings available, so it’s important to talk to experts such as our team to make sure your selection meets your needs.

If you are after a 90m mozzie stopper to screen insects and other pests from your supply, we can help. We’ve also got you covered for brass garden tap fittings, dust covers, inlet strainers and more. Our fittings come in a range of sizes, such as stainless steel ball valves which we have available in 25mm, 50mm and 65mm dimensions.

Maybe you need a vortex plate – either stainless steel or standard – to help control water turbulence as water flows. Or if you are after quality fittings to comply with relevant bushfire management overlay requirements, we have Storz fire-fighting fittings and caps available. We also stock a selection of fire-fighting outlet base plates and connections.

A stainless steel tank is a great investment, so make sure your water tank fittings don’t let that asset down. Contact us today on 0456 778 265 and talk to our experienced team about quality tank fittings. We are here to help.

Water tank fittings